Grief: Normal, Complicated, Traumatic by Linda Schupp Ph.D.

Grief: Normal, Complicated, Traumatic

Book Title: Grief: Normal, Complicated, Traumatic

Publisher: Premier Publishing & Media

ISBN: 0972214720

Author: Linda Schupp Ph.D.

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Linda Schupp Ph.D. with Grief: Normal, Complicated, Traumatic

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The scientific study of grief, accompanied by its vast eclectic approach of available therapeutic techniques, gives rise to the significance and importance of this emerging field. No longer pushed aside in favor of other pursuits, grief research, theories, and therapies have made their presence known in the myriad of occupations.

This reader-friendly book offers a holistic approach to understanding and treating normal, complicated and traumatic grief. There are many changes on the horizon surrounding the subject of grief, and this book simplifies and clarifies the developing definitions, terminologies and diagnostic criteria. Based on a thorough review of previous and current literature, Dr. Schupp has succinctly extracted the most pertinent and grief related "nuggets" from different theoretical foundations. The reader will appreciate the immediate applicability of the physiological, psychological, and therapeutic techniques. If your time is limited and you've wished for practical information on diagnosing and treating grieving clients, then this resource will be a welcome addition to your library.